Welcome Golfer to Long Bien Golf Course!

Long Bien Golf Course has an area of above 350 ha including 100-ha high lawn hills, 2/3 of its circumference is bordered by Hong River branches. This tourist site has very cool climate, fresh air, and nicely poetic scenery. The attractive boundary makes this Golf Course perfect for golfing associated with sightseeing and resting. The Course’s grass is Paspalum, which enables the golfers to perform well with accurate shots. The players are pleased with a good feeling about superior relaxation.

You can now easily tour to this spot and have complete exploration over 36 rounds on Hilly Course and 18 rounds on Lake Course in which the authentic Long Bien Golf Course is operated. Whether you are professional or novice, the course gives exciting challenges for you to try and evaluate the outcomes. Remarkably, have you ever wished to play golf at night? Excitement is unlimited in this Golf Course, as its lighting system has international standard. Take at ease to golf even at night when you stay there. The excellent support from the courteous and professional teams at Long Bien Golf Course satisfies almost any client in both physical and mental aspects.

Proudly speaking, Long Bien Golf Course comes to life in order to bring golfers the greatly new, high-class golfing experiences with the best services and modern facilities which are of international quality. It is the first and only 27-hole Golf Course in the heart of Hanoi capital, promising to entertain golfers domestically and globally. Inside the Course’s area, there stands Him Lam Palace where you find complete 4-star services with menus from Europe, Asia, China, and Vietnam.

The course’s whole picture is impeccable making it the best hitting surface for any Hanoi golf lover. The scoring holes in this golf course are standard and challenging enough to motivate the golfers to try their best. Note that some holes can be long and uphill when you play into the wind. So now, recap what you know about Long Bien Golf Course. It is one of the bigger and better equipped golf courses in Hanoi. There are full services found there, including locker room, spa and massage area, clubhouse, restaurants, etc., which are supported by the professional staffs and caddies who are well-trained in English. Without any doubt, this golf course is a very good choice for foreign golf visitors.


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Hanoi is a dreamy city has been infatuated human heart. Besides the noise and busyness, that is the poetic and peaceful beauty.

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