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Golf in South Korea, one of the major tourist places of Asia, has numerous ways in which tourists and locals can be engaged. From shopping to entertainment, and sport and recreation, South Korea golf enjoys a range of activities in which people can easily participate. South Korea prides itself in the great number of parks, sports clubs and wide range of recreational facilities that it offers to the local people and the visitors. Right from global sports like football, baseball, tennis, to muscle sports like wrestling and boxing, from winter sports like skating and skiing, to elite sports like golf and horse riding, and various martial arts forms, South Korea, is a haven for sports-lovers. One of the most popular sports here is Golf in South Korea.

Korean golf tour

South Jeolla Province, also known as Jeonnam, is a province of South Korea located in the Honam region at the southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula. Muan County is the capital and Yeosu is the largest city of South Jeolla, with other major cities including Suncheon, Mokpo, and Gwangyang. The heartland of South Jeollahas rolling hills, the towering Sobaek Mountains to the east and 6100km of coastline to the south and west with more than 2000 islands offshore.

Golf courses

South Links Yeongam is a golf course built on the reclaimed area of ​​Yeongam Lake. It is a Links-style golf course that emphasizes the rough and natural beauty of Scotland, the birthplace of golf. It is the only luxury golf course in the world where you can see Jim Engh's unique course in one place. As the only golf course where you can see the work of two world-renowned designers in one place, you can experience two courses with different personalities.


The 27-hole course of the international competition, spread out in the vast wilderness of over 1 million pyeong, is an abyss made of red pine. With a total length of 9,435m, the course has various up-downs and wide fairways, so you can shoot as much as you want. In addition, the three courses 'Pine', 'Lake', and 'Hills' are designed with different characteristics and different levels of difficulty for each course. The One Green System has a variety of greens, so you can enjoy the joy of putting. 4 to 5 tee grounds per hole are designed with different views for each location, so you can feel the freshness of the course every round.

JNJ Golf Resort, built on a site of about 440,000 pyeong in Jangheung-gun, Jeollanam-do, was designed by Myeong-Gil Kim, a representative course designer in Korea, and David Dale, who designed Jeju Nine Bridges and Haesley Nine Bridges, which are among the world's 100 most prestigious courses.

Lake Hills Suncheon Country Club (36 holes) located in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do shows the concept of 'as it is'. It consists of 36 holes, 18 for members and 18 for the public.


Seungju Country Club is a 27-hole membership golf course with a total length of 9,682m, spread over three courses, east, south and middle, in harmony with nature on a vast land overlooking Suncheon Bay and the archipelago of 630,000 pyeong. Seungju Country Club is the pride of Namdo where you can enjoy a round of relaxation while breathing in nature and feel proud of the rounds and enjoy the colorful changes of nature in the four seasons.

Constructed along the rocky cliffs in a remote setting of the Korean peninsula, Pine Beach Golf Links opened in 2009 and has earned its respect quickly, climbing the rankings ever since. Pine Beach Golf Links is a spectacular 27-hole golf complex resting on the Korean Peninsula on the south coast. The three loops of 9-holes consist of the Pine, Beach and Ocean Courses.


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From June to October

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