Golf tour Indonesia
Golf tour Indonesia
Golf tour Indonesia
Golf tour Indonesia
Golf tour Indonesia

Why Indonesia

Most golfers have not considered Indonesia as the golf holiday destination of their choice. However, Indonesia offers a wide variety of destinations, from urban Jakarta to the island getaways of Bali and Bintan. Indonesia boasts high quality golf courses, fantastic choice of accommodation, a tropical climate and friendly Indonesian culture.
Golf tour Indonesia

Java is one of the islands of the Greater Sunda Islands in Indonesia, bordered by the Indian Ocean to the south and the Java Sea on the north. This is the world's most-populous island. The Indonesian capital city, Jakarta, is on its northwestern coast. Much of the well-known part of Indonesian history took place in Java. It was the centre of powerful Hindu, Buddhist empires, the Islamic sultanates, and the core of the colonial Dutch East Indies. You can participate in many activities in Java such as: Trek in Ujung Kulon National Park and Mount Halimun Salak National Park, see excellent examples of rainforest and wild animals, Dive in the pristine waters of the Karimunjawa islands, See the crater of a volcano real close at Tagkuban Perahu, Play golf at the Merapi Golf Course in Yogyakarta,...

Golf courses

Damai Indah Golf - Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) Course located in the West Java satellite city of Bumi Serpong Damai. Opened for play in 1992, the BSD Course was the first Jack Nicklaus course in Indonesia. The 6,545 meter par-72 layout is both challenging and visually appealing as extensive mounding and landscaping are found around the course. 

Merapi Golf Course is located eight hundred meters above sea level with beautiful views of Merapi Mountain and Jogjakarta. The golf course is conveniently located only thirty minutes from the center of Yogyakarta and designed by Thomson, Wolveridge & Perret is a true masterwork. 


From  October to April

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Cultural, Sightseeing, Adventure

Suggest Itinerary:
Nyepi Festival Bali
Nyepi Festival Bali March
Indonesia Bali, Indonesia

This festival commemorates the Balinese New Year. Although the date changes each year, it is generally observed in the month of March. 'Nyepi' translates to 'day of silence' and it involves fasting, meditation and prayers. It is customary that lights be switched off (or kept dim), travel reduced to a minimum, and no work be performed on this day. In fact, it is one day in the year that the Bali airport is practically closed. Some villages in Bali make ogoh-ogoh (demonic statues made from bamboo and cloth) to symbolize negativity, which are paraded around the ceremony before being burnt in the local cemetery.

Bau Nyale
Bau Nyale February/March
Indonesia Lombok , Indonesia

Every year during the months of February or March, hundreds of people rush to Lombok to catch the Bau Nyale festival. It derives its name from Bau meaning 'to catch' and nyale, a type of sea-worm. The legend of this festival in Indonesia involves a mythical Princess Mandalika, who drowned in the waters of Lombok while trying to escape an arranged marriage, reincarnating in the form of a nyale (worm-like fish) to return every year. These fascinating fish appear in Indonesia only in these months and they are caught by the locals with much enthusiasm. It is believed that eating the worms (typically roasted with banana leaves) will make men energetic and women as beautiful as the princess.


Waisak (Vesak) - Observation of the Life of Buddha
Waisak (Vesak) - Observation of the Life of Buddha May’s full moon
Indonesia Borobudur, Java, Indonesia

An important Buddhist festival not just in Indonesia but for every country with Buddhist communities, Vesak commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha. It is called Buddha Purnima in India. It takes place on a full-moon day in early May, though it has been celebrated in June occasionally. In Indonesia, monks, pilgrims and devotees travel from Mendut Temple to Borobudur in central Java, carrying with them holy fire from Grobogan village and holy water from Jumprit springs. On reaching the Borobudur temple, they circle the temple three times in the clockwise direction before receiving blessings from the temple gurus. Then, they release paper lanterns into the sky to symbolize enlightenment of the universe.  


Eid-Ul-Fitr June
Indonesia Nationwide, Indonesia

Indonesia has a significant Muslim population, therefore, Eid is one of the most important festivals of Indonesia. It is what Diwali is to us Indians. Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated in the month of June every year. People decorate their houses and make delicious food like lemang, dodol, sambal goreng, and cookies to celebrate the spirit of Eid.


Bidar Boat Race
Bidar Boat Race August
Indonesia Palembang, Indonesia

Though Bidar Boat Race is usually celebrated in accordance with the Independence Day in Indonesia, it still deserves a special mention for itself owing to all that makes it grand and gorgeous! It’s among the most awaited holidays and festivals in Indonesia that takes place in the Palembang region in south Sumatra. It’s a delight to watch large boats made out of hardwood trees raced over the water on this special day.

These boats can be well over 20 to 30 metres long and are usually adorned in bright paints and patterns, all of which is bound to remind you of the Kerala Boat Race! Propelled by about 70 racers, this boat race over the waters of Sungai Musi is bound to be one of the most spectacular Indonesia festivals.